I've got a headache from hell send help

@eoun Final warning. Mark sensitive content as such or face suspension.

@smeggy Well no shit, but it's like they try to do something good and get shit on for it too

@eoun Figured I'd message you publicly and directly seeing as you're either not seeing or are ignoring the warnings.

We have rules here, and you're not following them. This will be the last warning before I lock your account for 7 days. Mark your posts as sensitive if they contain NSFW content.

If you don't, ill lock you out for 7 days as a lesson. If afterward it still keeps up like this, ill remove you.

Follow the rules or get banned. I'm done with people deliberately ignoring them.

I just watched a video that makes me disgusted in humanity.

Police Officers were trying to defuse a situation with someone who was mentally ill, and get them help.

Two protester groups decided to be jackasses and cause a scene by the police line. It made it impossible for the police to actually do their job and save the mans life without force.

Because of the retarded protesters, they had no option except to taze him, and then the protesters lost their shit.

Fucking idiots man.

Oh fair warning, theres gonna be some dead images across the instance both from federation and local. Had to rebuild a lot of stuff to bring this back.

LUSH Web is now UP! Monitoring for issues, but we should be 100% functional again

Public folder lost its symlink, hang on

I also recommend keeping an eye on status.lush.moe to get more in depth detail on the issue as time progresses

As soon as web is back up I'll post and let you all know what happened. Sorry about this!

So I understand we're not fully up yet, use your apps to get in for now. Web is having issues.

This instance is no longer under threat of deletion. Please remember to follow the rules as next time ill just post a two week notice.

Also, invitation system is effective immediately. You can generate an invite link via Prefrences -> Invites.

I felt I should make a bit of a post here. As of right now, LUSH will continue to remain online. Three days of mostly ToS/Rule compliance and the threat of instance deletion will go away. I'm likely going to leave registration disabled for now, however I'll allow current users to send invites to others. This should overall prevent the ToS/Rule non-compliant users a bit better.

@LoliKing @LittleServentGirls So far we should be fine. Three days left, if content remains sane, then while registration is going to remain closed for a while (current users will be allowed to give out invite codes), I'll be removing the threat of deleting the instance.

@LittleServentGirls From the looks of things, we'll stay up. Only time will tell for sure, though. Three days left on the timer!

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5 days until the instance is not under threat of me taking it down.

Normally I'm able to forget, but days like today, I remember I'm destined to be alone. It hurts.

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