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If you haven't already, check the announcements tab or visit Expect downtime.

At some point today LUSH will go down for up to 3 hours in order to install the drive we're going to use exclusively for this instance. 1TB just for you greedy fuckers lmfao

just spent the last 6 hours in rust after my buddy rage quit for the night. i upgraded us to full metal around the base and got us 19hrs of upkeep. im going to sleep now. good night.

And we're back. Sorry for the downtime. Working on storage upgrades as we speak.

I'm going to be starting work on the launcher and our servers again tonight. Gonna try to implement the Creative server for donators.

Finally got myself a dedicated desktop app for use with Mastodon. Now I don't have to log out just to switch accounts lmfao.

Also, I'm gonna get that damn website done today I swear!

I forgot that here on the main I'm trying to be relatively professional and followed other people. I unfollowed them here and refollowed on my other account. Sorry!

Got hungry and ordered food. It's gonna take an hour and a half because it's 2am. Help.

Don't get me wrong, I won't ever take you guys down unless you break the rules in a huge way, but I have a severe hatred for Trump. I literally hate trump more then anything else, I'm sorry if you don't like that. To me, he doesn't deserve to be on the internet.

Oh shit Trump got banned from Twitter. Thank god.

I'm probably going to work on finishing up v1 of the website for the rest of the day today. There's still some stuff that needs to get done in JS so that everything works as intended. From there, its all about making the rest of it pretty

There we go, I'll mostly be posting from here from now on, so if you wanna keep up to date, follow me here!

Our Minecraft server now has its own Launcher! It's basically required to join now, info below:

Direct download: (slightly outdated but functional updater)

When its ready, the website will be:

If the Launcher doesn't automatically connect you when launching MC, use these IP's:

Main Server:
Dev Realm:

Support us on Patreon for benefits here and ingame:

Gonna get my pinned set up real quick then we should be good to go here.

In Memoriam.
LUSH (Lewd User Safe Haven)

The truly safe NSFW social media platform.