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Been meaning to update this, but here's the new server information for Minecraft.

Game version: 1.16.4
Modpack download link:
Server connect IP:


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There you have it. This is the lolicon safe haven. Accounts and content remain here, please remember to read the rules as they're quite important, but in case you don't, here's the big two.

- All NSFW media must be marked as sensitive content.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in account suspension. Posting CP will result in a permanent account suspension, IP ban, and MAC address ban, as well as a report to authorities of the users region.

Registration has been disabled. Posting a related announcment in a minute.

Like I can't post shit because I'm busy 24/7 moderating you people. I'm sick of it. I run this almost entirely out of my own damn pocket. The least you could do is have some damn respect.

Posting this here because I want everyone to see it.

I'm seriously pissed about some of the content i've seen here. Its unacceptable and I can't ban everyone, so, here's whats gonna happen.

Registration is being disabled tomorrow. If the content I've seen that's so bad continues, the platform will be shut down.

I'll mostly be posting on that account from now on (with the exception of NSFW content), so if you'd like to keep up to date with both me, our services, and this site, follow me there! (@imexile)

Marking that profile as the admin account for the site. While ofc this one is too, that one's gonna be the main one from now on.

There we go, non-lewd profile set up! Find it here: @imexile

Also, I'm gonna make a 2nd account for myself here under my normal persona, Exile. That account will be almost strictly for site updates and personal life stuff, while this one will remain for lewd things. Stay tuned.

So work told me I'm basically not allowed to return until Lab results come back negative for Covid-19. Rapid test doesn't count because while technically negative, it's more like inconclusive. As soon as proper lab results come back (test sample has already been submitted and sent) I'll know when I can go back to work. If its a positive test, then Covid pay begins and I live off that for a little while.

A few updates for you lot:

Our minecraft server now basically requires the use of our Launcher, which is open source. Soon, the website will be live, but for now theres other links from the CDN.


The launcher should log you in automatically, if it doesn't, use the following IP's:

Main Dev server:
Main server:

Later, the website will be here:



After a couple months of thought, I've decided to permanently suspend all interaction of the domain '' from our instance. This means that no data from them will be accessable from LUSH. If you were following users from, you may notice that said accounts have been removed from your following/followers list, among other things. Sorry for this, I try not to block domains, but they consistently report our users for things which do not break our rules in any way.

Server website is almost done! Taking a bit of a lewd break before I finish it~

@totallolicon looking good, but be careful with background images like those, they can seriously harm load times D:

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