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These are our rules and what data we collect. Rules:
- No spamming. - This will lead to account suspension.
- No racism. - This will lead to immediate and permanent account suspension as well as IP based blacklisting.
- No CP. - This relates to the first rule. Any CP posted will be an IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT suspension via IP, MAC address, and Account, as well as all of the users profile being removed.
- Todcon is Prohibited. - No ultra-lewd talk of lolicon content publically. - This is in place to protect us legally. Other people coming here by mistake could see those posts, and while we know its not real, they don't, and may report us. I don't want this happening, and users who do go against this rule will receive a warning on the first offense via a disabled account requiring an email sent to me explaining what you did wrong, as well as apologizing for it. A second offense will result in permanent and irreversible account suspension/deletion.
- All NSFW content must now be marked as "sensitive".
- Use common sense.
- Posting overly realistic images depicting minors is prohibited, and posting such imagry may result in moderative action on your account.

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(Last updated: 1/5/2021)